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SEEDERS INTEGRATED PNEUMATICS / INTEGRATED AND FLOW MECHANICAL INTEGRATED PNEUMATICSA super professional, robust and reliable machine, always efficient in all working conditions. Thanks to his
exclusive features and convenient adjustments, it satisfies every work requirement. The seeder unit follows the ground
to perfection, supported by the elements placed on the roller. The depth is easily adjustable through … Read more

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Contacts CONSORZIO AGROITAVia I maggio, 812100 CUNEO (CN) ITALY+39 344 p.iva – c.f. 03535930048 Request information "*" indicates required fields Nom* Name Surname Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Sectors of interest* Livestock farming Agricultural transport Land tillage Haymaking Wood processing Road maintenance Message* Consent* I consent to my personal data according to our privacy … Read more


LEVELLERS AGRICULTURAL / INDUSTRIAL Agricultural It consists of 7 series of laser/GPS controlled graders with working widths from 1.50 to 8.00 metres and tractor power requirements from 15 to 700 HP. Industrial These are the same 7 series of machines, but adapted to the industrial sector by adding some options, (such as the patented centre … Read more


SCRAPERS TRAILED HYDRAULICS These machines are used to move material over medium and long distances.Our models have loading capacities ranging from 5.50 to 13.00 m³ and can also be used in tandem.The frames are constructed of one-piece, non-yielding steel and structural tubing. The bushings, pins, flanges and body supports are interchangeable. Our scrapers can be … Read more


RIPPERS RIPPERS Suitable for coarse tilling at great depths (between 25 and 70 cm) to promote oxygenation of the soil and remedy the problems caused by heavy compaction caused by the increasing weight of machinery.They usually consist of two rows of anchors spaced fairly far apart and a rear cage roller to level the ground … Read more