1. “Achieving our goals through environmental, cultural, geographical, and financial sustainability on the short, medium, and long term.”
The safeguard of sustainability is a key component of our activity and process of productive and moral growth.

2. “Adopting a preventive approach”
We evaluate the impact of our activities in order to adopt a preventive approach to the management of environmental aspects and promote the use of the best available technologies.

3. “Efficient use of natural and environmental resources”
We promote an efficient use of natural resources and pay special attention to the rational management of water and energy sources.

4. “Controlling and reducing environmental impacts”
We control and, whenever possible, reduce our emissions to air, water, and soil; we aim to minimize waste production and promote an efficient waste mangement favouring recovery and reuse over disposal; we adopt the necssary measures to limit the impacts of our activities on climate change; we promote the proteciton of biodiversity and ecosystems.

5. “Focusing on innovative technologies”
We invest in research, development, and innovation in order to develop processes, products, and services that protect people and have a lower environmental impact, consistently following a logic of quality of the service and respect.

6. “Managing responsibly the products and service culture ”
We promote a responsible management of th eproducts and the service throughout the entire life cycle, wiht the aim of improving its performance.

7. “Managing responsibly the supply chain”
We promote the protection of the environment throughout the supply chain by involving suppliers, sustomers, and stakeholders as actors over their sustainability policies.

8. “Awareness-raising and training”
We promote information, awareness-raising, and training initiatives in order to involve the community in the implementation of its sustainability policy and simultaneously promote the inclusion of alents and the culture of respect for people .

9. “Transparent relations with stakeholders”
We promote transparent and respectful relations with stakeholders in order to pursue shared policies.

10. “Consistency in our activities”
We operate in accordance to our Values and Guidelines in all countries where we carry out our activities both directly and indirectly, being therefore able to become ambassadors of a culture of sustainability.