Double disc electronic fertilizer spreader

Double disc electronic fertilizer spreader


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Product Description

The Eurospand-Cavallo professional double disc fertilizer spreaders with electronics allow the farmer to work in total ease.

The electronic system enables the instantaneous variation of the dosage, the exclusion of one spreading side, the verification of the distributed quantity and treated hectares: all comfortably from the tractor seat.


  • from 2 to 10 m (inter-row distribution)
  • from 12 to 36 m (full field distribution)

Capacity: from 600 l to 3000 l

Technical Data:

  • Electronic forward speed calibration and a weighing system with weigh cells to conform the spread rate value independently from any variation of the forward speed
  • Simple and friendly multi-language monitor, with pre-installed dosage curves for control for several fertilizers and seeds. Possibility to create and save jobs,  to export the control reports connected to each single job and visualize them on a computer.
  • Forward Speed Calibration
  • The “W” versions with double frame and two load cells positioned in the hitching lower area of the spreader detect precise values also in presence of inclined fields up to 12% in all directions.
  • TPS: Our double disc fertilizer spreaders are provided with an innovative oscillating unit of transmission, mounted on flexible rubber mountings.
  • Vibro System – A vibrant disc mounted at the hopper bottom and above the feed system: it enables the extremely precise and homogenous distribution of products like powder lime, sulphates, pellets or organic amenders.
  • It is possible to mount an upper folding filtering grid (option) to sieve the passage of leaves or lumps of fertilizer and preserve the perfect functioning  of the measuring system (Vibro System).

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