Born in the 1970s, the Eurospand brand has always and successfully stood out for the care it pays to the construction of professional fertilizer spreaders. Their structural strength, distribution precision, resistance to corrosion, and continuous and constant technical innovation are both the key strength of the machines and key values of the company. In 2001, Cavallo invented and produced Vibro System, the vibrating bottom of the hopper, which has successfully distinguished all the production of double disc distributor machines produced since then.

The current production plant occupies an area of 8500 covered meters and is powered by a photovoltaic system that generates a maximum power of 730 kWp and has an annual production capacity of about 900,000 KW / year.

100% of the mechanical and electronic design and 90% of all the parts and semi-finished products necessary for the realization of the EUROSPAND range, admired by distributors and farmers in over 40 European and non-European countries, are carried out internally (under the control of a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system).

Treated products

  • Single disc fertilizer spreaders
  • Double disc fertilizer spreader with hydraulic management
  • Double disc fertilizer spreader with ISOBUS electronic management
  • Fertilizer spreader with oscillating tube
  • Salt spreaders
  • Fertilizer spreader trolleys
  • Fertilizer subsoiler

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12012 Boves (CN)
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Fax: +39 0171 391 507