Since 1977, FONTANA has been producing agricultural machinery.

Fontana srl has specialized in leveling the ground and any other type of material. The company FONTANA has a range of modular laser-controlled levelers (patented and homologated), which can be used both in agriculture and in the building sector (for leveling greenhouses, warehouses, sports fields, yards, roads and airports) . The working widths vary from 1.50 m to 8 m in the different models. FONTANA’s machinery carries out precision leveling , made possible by the use of the laser system (whose main elements are the transmitter, the receiver and the control unit).

Simple horizontal planes or double slopes can be made automatically. In addition, transverse gradients can be set automatically via the double mast system, therefore using two receiving systems (slopes in mm) or using the slope sensor system (slopes in percent). The system for total GPS control is gaining more and more appreciation.

FONTANA also produces 3.50 to 20 m³ scrapers for moving materials on medium and long distances. For the new minimum land tillage techniques, the Fontana company proposes various models of disc harrows, subsoilers, subsoilers, combined cultivators, rollers, harrows, seeders, weeders, fertilizer spreaders (linear and localizers) .

Since 1986, the company Fontana has been producing green beans harvesters and sorting machines. The service offered by the company includes the supply of mahcines and laser control systems, transport, testing with instructions to operators and after-sales assistance.

Treated products

  • Harrows
  • Levellers
  • Scrapers
  • Subsoilers
  • Rippers
  • Farmers
  • Embankment construction and maintenance equipment
  • Harvesters

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