The forty years-long experience, constant research, and continuous innovation brought to the construction of extremely high-quality self-moved mixing trucks, which are unique for their working method. Our working system fully falls within the characteristics required by “Industria 4.0“.

What differentiates our method is very powerful cutter combined with an exclusive additional chopping mill with adjustable knives and counter-knives. The latters cut the products quickly and neatly, at a constant and desired length, preventing the defibration and heating of the products themselves with a very low energy consumption. Moreover, the rotating barrel mixing system guarantees the results of the manual mixing method, supported by countless analyses, screening and scanning tests.

The work is divided into four stages:

  • PROGRAM: the unifeed recipe is set on the onboard computer, with the possibility of transferring the data. The sensors placed at the base of the barrel guarantee the accuracy of the weighing.

  • LOADING: the products can be loaded through a variety of different systems – with a hopper (flour), directly from the ground with a cutter, with a telescopic belt elevator (trace elements), with a plant with quick coupling (liquid products), with a chopping mill with high speed knives (long fibers) or through trench (silage).

  • MIXING: the spirals placed on the internal wall push the compound towards the bottom of the barrel; the central auger (which turns in the opposite direction to the barrel) pushes the compound towards the exit.

  • UNLOADING: by reversing the rotation of the barrel, the dosed compund is rapidly and directly unloaded into the manger.

  • RESULT: a homogenous, soft, and palatable mixture for the animals, without yielding of the fibers or heating of the masses.

The goal of the whole process is to improve the animals’ performance, while cutting production and energy costs and not compromising the nutritional principles.

The range extend from 13 to 40 m3 and can therefore meet the needs of companies of different sizes.
The machinery can be personalized with a wide range of optional accessories as requested by costumers.

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