Ranging from 11 to 46 cubic meters, the self-loading trailed mowers can meet the needs of companies of all sizes and adapt to all types of terrain:

  • Mountain and hill areas
  • Flat areas = 1 or 2 axles
For small, medium, large, and very large companies.

Our “grass loaders” allow to combine various functions in one machine:


Through a rotary cutter bar with 2 height-adjustable drums and equipped with 4 knives on each disc. It is available in different sizes: 1.65- 1.85 and 2.15. They allow a clean and precise cut of any product: Alfalfa, Ryegrass, Sulla, Sorghum, Clover, Oats, Panicum, Pearl Millet and many others. The cut is homogenous even on undulating ground and with or without stones.

By means of a self-loading ladder placed in such a way as to be able to load the cut product without it falling to the ground, guaranteeing perfect cleaning of the forage. The ladder can be fitted with chopping knives, which are useful and indispensable when loading excessively long forage.

All machines are equipped with a loading and unloading belt on the containers which allows to convoy the product towards the bottom and by means of the chosen exhaust system ensure a more or less homogeneous distribution according to customers’ needs:

  • Hydraulic door opening: rear heap unloading
  • Carpet side unloading: side unloading by means of a carpet with iron chain on the right or left side
  • Lateral unloading with dosing rollers: lateral unloading by means of rollers that allow the product to be distributed on a rubber belt, guaranteeing simultaneous right or left or bilateral unloading, which is perfectly dosed in the animal front lane.

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