Versatility and agility

The wide range of salt spreaders by Eurospand-Cavallo, which includes its carried and trailed models with capacities from 360 to 1200 litres, adapts to the various requirements of salt distribution on road surfaces.


  • Both the special hot-dip galvanisation treatment with two successive applications of powder paint on the frame and the massive use of stainless steel guarantee the anti-corrosion resistance to salts. Stainless steal is also used to make the hoppers and all the components of the salt alimentation, adjustment and distribution system.
  • The gearboxes are manufactured in-house with a reduction ratio designed and optimised for optimum distribution, avoiding unnecessary and excessive abrasive action inside the hopper.
  • The manually or electrically operated stainless steel limiting deflectors allow to vary the distribution distance and its location to the right or left
  • The distribution system are hydraulic or electronic (DPA) with remote controls in the cabin, and an electronic weighing system can be applied to check the product load in the hopper from the cabin


Drop-in or fan

Salt and sand spreader mainly for agricultural tractors, to which it is connected via a three-point hitch.
The material can be spread by gravity in the SASS model, where a metering roller driven by a hydraulic motor and manually adjusted on board the machine discharges the sand onto the ground according to the width of the container. Alternatively, it can be spread by fan in the VENTOL model, where the hydraulic movements and the material to be discharged are adjusted by means of an electric control in the cabin, in this case up to a spreading width of 6 m can be achieved.


  • The steel structure is painted with anti-rust epoxy primer and two-component enamel.
  • The available sizes are: 160, 180, 200 and 230
  • Self-loading body option

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