The company THOR-Ricca Andrea & C. Snc was founded in July 1977 by the owner and founder Ricca Andrea in Busca, In the province of Cuneo, Northern Italy.
The company is exclusively owned by Ricca Andrea’s fmaily.
The name of the brand “THOR” – the ancient god of thunder in Norse mithology – was invented by Mr. Ricca to represent th eproducts in the world.

All products are exclusively internally designed and are the result of a long experience in the sector.
The productive activity is constantly followed and monitored by expert staff members who have grown with the company over its fourty years of history.
Our strength and current and future pride lie in the strict selection of materials, components, suppliers, and partners.
In the THOR production cycle, semi-finished products and components come exclusively from Italy and Europe.

The THOR company holds several, exclusive patents.
As a matter of fact, the company has been awarded several, important recognitions and awards at the national and international levels thansk to its professionalism.

The production is diversified in different types of machinery: hydraulic log splitters, log cutters, Tandem, conveyor belts, combined cut and split machines, portable winches.

Treated products

  • Vertical log splitters
  • Horizontal log splitters
  • Vertical and horizontal log splitters
  • Log cutters
  • Log cutters + conveyor belts
  • Combined machines
  • Portable winches

Thor of Ricca Andrea & C. s.n.c.
Via Vecchia di Cuneo, 57
12022 BUSCA (CN) Italy
tel. +39 0171 946709