Indispensable for shredding prunings, grass, etc. in vineyards, orchards and hazelnut groves.

To limit weed development and make harvesting easier.
Ideal lawns, parks, gardens, etc. maintenance or for shredding maize stalks and crop residues.
We offer a wide range of models and sizes with fixed three-point linkage or with hydraulic lateral movement for small, medium and large tractors.
The rounded or chamfered right-hand sidewall allows the operator to work close to the plants without damaging them.
Our range of models is completed by front-mounted and/or reversible mulchers for front and rear application to the tractor.

With fixed three-point hitch

Ideal for working in open fields.
Our shredders are built with oversized elements in order to guarantee the ability of working in difficult conditions and to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting machine.

With hydraulic side-shift

They enable working with agility and manoeuvrability well beyond the tractor’s track width, they run on chrome-plated or parallelogram stems and have a stroke of 30 to 100 cm and more.
The models with automatic side-shift have tractor-independent hydraulics and a side sensor allowing the shredder to retract automatically.
We also build excavators that can work in an inclined position for the cleaning of ditches, embankments, road edges and embankments.


All the parts use in assembling the machines are designed and manufactured in our own workshops.

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