fast, combined, modular preparer

This machinery is suitable for preparing the bed for sowing, in a single pass and also in the presence of crop residues. It guarantees high forward speeds, minimal wear and low consumption.
Mounted, semi-mounted, and trailed model.


  • Modularity of set-ups is adapted to work needs
  • The machines can work on hard grounds, even in the presence of crop residues and without inversion of the soil layers


  • The difference from self-aligning to oscillating supports (for dished discs) is kg. 17.5 each
  • The machines have an hydraulic parallelogram system to adjust the working height of curved or anchor blades.
  • There is an hydraulic lift between front attachment with curved blades and disc harrow (making the implements independent and compact).
  • No. 2 front wheels for depth adjustment.

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