Light and deep tillage

Our machines are ideal for all row crops such as maize, beets, beans, potatoes etc. They stand out for their sturdiness and reliability over the time, even on harder soils.

  • Light tillage on sandy and easy to work on soils, equipped with flex springs and traction spring allowing the weeder to remain anchored to the ground at all times;
  • Deep tilage on clayey, hard and compact soils, reaching up to 30 cm in depth thanks to the ridge-breaking strut, sod-breaking roller and a tamping device.


  • Hydraulic system for tipping outer elements for road transport;
  • Available with 3,5,7,9, elements.
  • A 1000 litre fertilizer spreader can be attached to smaller models. This allows, in addition to tilling, the application of fertiliser at the base of the plant.

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