Compact, stable, and solid machines for private, agricultural, and industrial use!

They are safe to use, easy to handle and to store at the end of the job!
Widia (or steel) discs with diameters of 600, 700 and 750 mm are fitted on the cutters
Motorisation can be 230 Volt or 400 Volt electric motor, petrol engine, tractor PTO or combined (electric motor + tractor).
Solid wheels ø 300/400 mm, pneumatic wheels ø 400 or the 3-point tractor attachment facilitate handling and positioning.
Some versions can be fitted with 4 and 5 metre telescopic conveyor belts, which can be folded down at the end of work.


  • Logs with a cutting diameter of 22 to 30 cm can be cut.
  • The disc is protected laterally by ertalon guides.
  • On the ø 600 and 700 log cutters, the side support extension ensures stability and safety when working with heavy and difficult to manoeuvre logs.
  • On the log cutters ø 750 the lateral feeder trolley, mounted on ball bearings, facilitates the movement and shifting of the logs to be cut

All models are fitted with a rocker cover (a THOR exclusive system!).
On tractor models a disc brake system is installed (a THOR exclusive system!).

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