Compact, powerful, robust, practical and functional!

The wide range of log splitters is available for simple family use through to agricultural-forestry and professional use. Powers range from 6.5 tonnes up to 30 tonnes.

Motorisation can be 230 Volt or 400 Volt electric motor, petrol engine, tractor PTO or combined (electric motor + tractor).

Handling is carried out using the tractor’s 3-point hitch or solid wheels ø 200 / 250 mm or pneumatic wheels ø 400 / 500 mm.

All log splitters are equipped with dual control levers that differ in two exclusive THOR systems:

  • The 6.5- / 8.5- / 9- / 11- / 13-tonne log splitters are fitted with an exclusive “System-LEADER” hands-free mechanical centring control.
  • An exclusive “STOPandGO” hands-free electric centring control is fitted to the 25 / 30 tonne log splitters.

Splitting heights vary from 50, to 104 and 124 cm.
The cutting diameter varies from 40 to 100 cm.

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