Fertilisers spreaders are a historical product of the Crosetto company, given the key role that this machine has always playes in the development of agricultural mechanisation.

Thanks to its know-how and the experience accumulated over the years, the Crosetto company offers a wide range of manure spreaders. It ranges from small models specifically designed for vineyards, to large 2/3-axle machines suitable for the heaviest and most demanding work on larger areas.

All the machines are built with disposable frames and can come with larch boards (a type very suitable wood for manure transport, given its particular characteristics) and a series of specific elements – the central gearbox with double transmission, oversized chains, industrial axles with rocker suspension, hydraulic hatches and 2- or 4-roller unloading, and the hydraulic loading conveyor feed system, to name but a few – in order to guarantee their quality and durability.

In compliance with Crosetto’s philosophy, the list of options is long and includes a series of systems relating to the possibility of European homologation, specific systems for moving the load, large tie rods and chains, optional locking systems for the rear doors, tyres (of various sizes and characteristics), and last but not least the choice of colour and a series of options created in order to further improve the spreading system and the capacity of the machine.

In addition, Crosetto’s construction flexibility enables its machines to spread any type of material, choosing solutions that are perfectly suited to the type of product to be used. Finally, the company also offers a dual-use system on some machines, which can be converted into trailers by removing the spreading system. This solution allows the use of two transport functions with the same trailer, thus providing considerable flexibility and optimisation of costs related to agricultural activities.


  • Frames made of S235 JO EN 10025
  • Heavy duty axles of various sizes and types
  • Larch or high-strength iron bottom and sides
  • Spreading equipment with 2 or 4 rollers
  • Hydraulic rear door for roller protection (on some models a second door is also fitted)
  • High-strength tie rods, chains and gearboxes

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