Why should you choose a self-propelled mixer wagons, in spite of the high price?
The self-propelled mixer wagon replaces a construction site, normally composed by a tractor, towed mixer wagon, telescopic, unsilator and loader for fibers, with only one machine.

What differentiates a self-propelled rotating barrel mixer wagon with mill?
The final product is completely different from the other existing systems on the market. It counts of ration with pungent, ventilated, soft, voluminous and perfectly mixed fiber.

Is it possible to set the Unifeed recipes remotely?
On the context of the automation and computerization processes of the agricultural companies “Industria 4.0”, the remot setting, management and control represent necessary and high-performance factors.






Why should you choose a towed self-loading mower?
Because grass is a natural and complete feedingstuff which fosters the wellbeing of animals, and simultaneously guarantees a high-quality final products and allows farmers to save money and time.

The strengths of this choise are:

  • Decrease in the use of flour or other foods necessary to increase the milk productivity and quality.
  • Ease in the use of permanent lawns that are less easy and more distant from the farm and consequent programmed mowing that allows better yield and maintenance of plant biodiversity
  • Possibility of obtaining good yield from the lawns not only in periods of abundant growth of the forage, but also in less favorable periods, in periods of repeated rainfall and autumn periods of poor growth
  • The diet affects the quality and production characteristics. The quality of the milk is higher thanks to the precursors of vitamins and antioxidants and the higher content of omega-3 and carotenoids such as lutein and β-carotene in the fresh grass.
  • Collecting capacity of long forage stalks, ideal for ensuring correct rumination = more health for the animals
  • This system also impacts the environment for it contributes to its preservation through pollution reduction, waste reduction and increase in the sustainability.


Why should you choose a mechanical straw blower?
Because the mechanical beater system produces an incredibly smaller amount of dust than the turbine chopper. Energy consumption is reduced, too.


What are the key charcateristics of the sawdust spreaders by Bravo srl?
We focused on a large machine attached to the telescopic. It allows a reduced number of movements, is self-loading and, thanks to the fan, it puts the product on the cushion of the bunks.