BRAVO SRL is a company from Cuneo born in 2001 from the merger of two leading manufacturing companies in the sector of livestock machines production. Since the ’70 and ’80s, ROTOMIX, the first Italian company to produce self-moved mixing trucks, and BICIEFFE, a company specialized in the production of straw spreaders without turbine and in SPAND series machines for the use of chopped, wet or dry products to be distributed in the bunks, have been leaders in the sector. Thanks to a skilful mix of experiences and avant-garde, the company is producing its fifth generation of self-moved mixing trucks, which are unique for their quality and working method. As a matter of fact, ROTOMIX has always used and developed the cutter-mill system to achieve the perfect fiber and barrel cutting with counter-auger for manual mixing. Thanks to the continuous range modernization and constant research, the brand has spreaded not only to Italy, but also mainly to France, Spain and Portugal. The plant occupies a useful area of 12,000 square meters of which 4,800 are covered. Our photovoltaic system is 300 kW with an annual production of 235,000 kW, part of which are directly used with on-site exchange. The company’s project is to further expand it with 100 KW by the spring of 2021. The company has a district heating system that pumps hot water from the biomass methane (biogas) engine cooling systems located about 1 km away. This system ensures that all spaces of the company, including the painting room, the drying room, and the caretaker’s house, are heated. The hot water used by pressure washers, too, comes from this system. With a view to environmental sustainability, this allowed the company to stop using diesel and oil for heating purposes.

Treated products

  • Bicieffe straw spreader
  • SPAND straw spreader
  • Self-moved mixing trucks

Bravo s.r.l.
Via Canavere, 11
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