The long and nearly century-old history of Crosetto started in 1936 in Marene, in the province of Cuneo, an area where agriculture has always been the key element of the local economy.

Starting from the first buggies and following the development and mechanization of the agricultural sector, the range of Crosetto products has expanded to include manure spreaders, trailers and slurry spreaders, making the company a point of reference for farmers in the constantly changing agricultural world.

Despite the evolution of markets, the change of customers’ needs and the need for new investments to be able to keep up with the times, Crosetto has always maintained a family management, now in its third generation. Furthermore, the company has never abjured its founding values: namely, quality as the focal fundamental core of its business (the motto of Crosetto is “The price is forgotten, the quality remains”), ongoing support to workers of the agricultural sector, attention to details and last but not least, respect for the planet and the environment.

Today, the range of the company included tipping trailers, dumpers, manure spreaders, flatbed trailers and slurry spreaders. Thanks to the variety models and the long list of options, with which customers can truly create tailor-made machines, Crosetto can satisfy the most varied needs in the agricultural transport sector. Moreover, the company has been able to meet the requirements of the present and the future of the agriculture by choosing to comply with the new EU directives (Mother Regulation), without forgetting passion and willpower leading to the evolution and the renewal of Crosetto, while always preserving harmony with suppliers, customers and the surrounding environment.

The production plant covers an area of 30.000 square meters (15.000 are covered) and is powered by a photovoltaic installation generating a maximum capacity of 221,10 kWp and annually produces around 270.000 KW/year.

Treated products

  • Slurry spreaders
  • Manure spreaders
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Tipping trailers with turntable
  • Dumper trailers

Crosetto srl
Via Roma, 126
12030 MARENE (CN)
+39 0172 742118 / Fax +39 0172 743735