The experience and ability to answer of thecustomer’s requests in a skilled and professional way make the Fissore company from Marene (CN) a point of reference for companies in the sector. Nowadays, the technology and reliability of the machines produced by this company are admired in several countries. As a matter of fact, 40% of the production is exported to France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Canada.

The company counts of two production lines: the first one produces equipment products for winter road maintenance, while the second one focuses on the agricultural sector.

The “snow line” includes snow plow blades and sand spreaders for agricultural tractors,while the range of products of the “agricultural line” is made up of modular hoeing machines for corn and other row crops, inter-row pneumatic fertilizer spreaders, rotary ditchers for small ditches and lime spreaders.

Treated products

Snow line

  • Front snow plows
  • Salt and sand spreaders
  • Rear snow plows

Agricultural line

  • Inter-row fertilizer spreader
  • Weeders
  • Drain ditchers
  • Lime spreaders

Fissore s.n.c.
Str. Statale Fraz. Foresto, 65
+39 0172 742108 / Fax +39 0172 742333