The Frandent company is based in Osasco (TO), a small town in surrounding areas of Pinerolo. Since 1977, the company has specialized in the construction of agricultural machinery, specifically rotary harrows, tedders and rotary rakes . Following the opening of its new factory in 2006, the Frandent company made important innovations to its manufacturing process and sustainable energy management.
Frandent is synonymous of innovation, which firstly hits you when you walk in their technical department, illuminated by the Australian technology “light chimneys”. These diffuse into the indoor spaces the solar light captured on the roof, ensuring optimal working conditions for technical operators.
The thermal management of the production areas is composed not only of underfloor heating, but it alsov counts of an apparatus of automated windows which ensure the employees comfortable working conditions in any climatic situation and a uniform diffusion of light.
Outside of the building, it is possible to admire a true example of environmental sustainability, stimulus to the local economy, and safety: the biomass boiler. The heat produced by the combustion of the raw material, the wood chips, is used for the underfloor heating and for the automatic painting line, where catalyzed water-based paints are used instead of the classic solvent-based paints.
In order to test its equipment, the Frandent company has fifteen thousand square meters of test field used for functional tests, therefore allowing it to test the quality of its machines in extreme conditions.

The production process is developed on the basis of the Lean Production System. It is a method of organizing production based on just-in-time, namely the concept of producing only when needed, i.e. when the customer’s request arises, and on the elimination of any kind of waste. The layout of the plant is designed in such a way as to offer a path as linear as possible to production, the installation of robotic islands to obtain qualitatively superior results in conditions of total safety for the operators and the elimination of stocks that are managed thanks to a automatic vertical warehouse designed to reduce the footprint in terms of square meters.

In these times characterized by changes in the international competition, wars on non-renewable resources, and severe environmental crises, focusing on waste reduction policies and use of renewable resources is a first step to become independent from realities that are dangerous for us and the environment.
Not only is the Frandent company attentive to the production of high quality machinery; it is also an example of sustainability for the business community.

Treated products

  • Tedders
  • Rakes
  • FIXED and FOLDABLE rotary harrows

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