Founded in 1957, the MERITANO company is specialized in the construction of agricultural machinery for soil preparation: milling machines, rotary harrows, and shredders.
The company is based in Villanova d’Asti (25km from Turin) and covers an area of about 15,000 square meters of which over 6,000 are covered.
Within the factory, high-tech systems allow the design and production of the various components used for the construction of the machinery.
Thanks to the constant update of the production and the continuous investments in quality and safety, the company is able to create innovative, functional and highly robust products.
Admired for its reliability, the MERITANO company offers high-performance, reliable and convenient products. MERITANO is a strong business in the agricultural world and is known and esteemed both in Italy and abroad.

Treated products

  • Harrows
  • Fixed hitch mulchers
  • Shredders with manual, hydraulic or automatic lateral movement
  • Shredders for slopes
  • Fixed shank milling machines
  • Milling machines with manual, hydraulic or automatic lateral movement

Meritano s.r.l.
Via Poirino, 126
+39 0141.946078 / Fax +39 0141.946527