It consists of 7 series of laser/GPS controlled graders with working widths from 1.50 to 8.00 metres and tractor power requirements from 15 to 700 HP.


These are the same 7 series of machines, but adapted to the industrial sector by adding some options, (such as the patented centre pivot carriage, the double pole system and the side orientation).
In addition to these industrial levellers, there are also special ones forgravel roads, mounted levellers (without electronic control) and front-mounted levellers for skid loaders.


The main technical features of our levelling machines are modularity (different working widths and types of trolleys and accessories for each series and for each need), reliability (oversized structures) and some technical details such as the rebound opening/closing of the blade (more practical and faster) and the hydraulic adjustment of its incidence in the ground (to favour the best rolling of the material).

Operation is carried out with the aid of a laser or GPS system: the electronics allow automatic levelling work, speeding up the process and making it highly precise.

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