The range of STRAW SPREADER is produced for bunks and bedding with a mechanical product spreading system, allowing to considerably reduce dust production.


  • Adjustable unwinders for cylindrical bales with conveyor and straw blower for beddings, bunks and manger discharge. It can hold a 120 cm bale base for any diameter. The HYBRID version, with the addition of a chain for unrolling, equipped with sleepers that allow the use of particularly chopped products, is also available. In addition, thanks to the independent motor on the conveyor and the “short straw kit”, prismatic bales can also be used.
  • Adjustable feeder for prismatic bales only with conveyor and straw blower for bedding and bunks.
  • Adjustable unwinders for cylindrical bales with unloading in the manger with roundup versions, carried on the third point or hooked to telescopic handlers

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