Slurry spreaders represent an important category of machines in modern agriculture. That’s why Crosetto has decided to build machines fully reflecting the company core values.

Firstly, the broad range (from 1 to 4 axles, from 2.500 lt. to 37.000 lt. of capacity, with Italian or EU homologation) allows the company to successfully meet the numerous requirements of modern agriculture, thus covering the most diverse needs in terms to volumes.

Machine capacities are further improved by specific pumps and loading accelerators, increasing the productivity of farms, without forgetting the importance of sturdiness and safety in any condition (on the road, in the fields …). At this regard, slurry spreaders are equipped with ADR leaf suspensions and specific industrial axles, which are homologated up to 60 km / h according to Mother Regulation.

Furthermore, in compliance with the philosophy of Crosetto, slurry spreaders can be completely customized according to the needs of customers, who can choose among the forced steering system (also electronic), several types of loading arms and sluice gates, suction pumps and loading accelerators, slurry burying systems, different types of suction hoses and tyres, as well as radio controls and remote-control units.


  • Galvanized tank
  • Several types of suspensions, self-levelling for larger machines
  • Painted frame
  • Broad range of gate valves and suction pipes (varying according to the model)
  • Several types
  • Industrial axles (varying according to the machine size), self-steering on the larger machines
  • Valves and electrical installation in accordance with the regulations in force

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