Lavender harvesting machines are born from the mother concept of self-loading trailed mowers: cutting – loading – distributing. Thanks to a careful study of the plants to be harvested, the production sites, the working needs of harvesting and keeping the final product intact, the machines can perform the harvesting task in such a way to create one of the most loved aromatic essences in the world. Thanks to the simple yet cutting-edge technologies, mowers can be fully personalized and adapted to every stage of the plant growth, company type, and other products.


  • Products lifting rays
    The lavender harvesting machines are equipped of front rays which gently and completely lift the product and convey it towards the cutting system. are based on the mother concept of self-loading trailed mowers
    Upon request, the machine can be equipped with more delicate brushes to harvest other herbs, thus making the machine even more versatile.
  • Cutting system
    The front cutting system consists of tiltable discs that make it possible to have a clean cut while respecting the shape of the plant. The cut can be adjusted between 5cm 60cm in height
  • Loading ladder
    The cut product is conveyed in the rear caisson by a loading ladder. The special form and size of the ladder allow both long and short products to be conveyed and thus guarantee customers an optimal yield in all stages of harvest of the plant.
  • Lavender unloading
    Unloading can take place on the ground through a hydraulic rear door, or at height by means of a chain that allows unloading directly into bins or trailers. Everything is controlled by an electro-hydraulic system controlled by a control panel directly in the tractor cab.
  • Loading capacity
    4 different models can meet all company sizes: 7mc to 1 axle. 10.15mc and 21mc with 2 axles


Lavender harvesting machines are born from the mother concept of self-loading trailed mowers: cutting – loading – distributing. Following a careful study with final customers, it is possible to have a machine that perfectly adapts to each soil type, sowing system, plant characteristics, harvesting preferences, final processing of the plant, location and climatic conditions during the use of the machine. This is carefully studied in order to offer a unique and personalized product able to presrve all qualities of herbs.


  • Drawbars
    Lateral or central
  • Product lifting brushes
    They can be adapted to all systems and be adjusted in height, width, size and rotation speed.
  • Front cutting system
    Rotary cutter bar with 2 drums or double cutter bar Busatis
  • Loading ladder
    Variable widths, number of porters and porter structure
  • Loading caissons
    Size and capacity can be adjusted to all company sizes
  • Loading systems
    Manual, hydraulic or side conveyor hatches

In addition to the main features mentioned above, a large variety of accessories is available based on a careful analysis of customers’ needs.


In 1986, we designed, manufactured, and sold the first beans and green beans harvesting machine for the fresh market.

Since then, our range has expanded and today it counts of:

  • A trailed model with 500/700 kg / h harvesting capacity, sorting bench included in its structure and fully hydraulic operation
  • A mounted model with a harvesting capacity of 100/300 kg/h, ideal for medium/small plots of land
  • A self-propelled tracked model with a harvesting capacity of 100/300 kg / h, ideal for working in a greenhouse and for having a completely autonomous machine

Recently, we have successfully tested the harvesting capacity of our machines with edamame beans and hot chili peppers, whose collection can take place simply by changing the type of pick-up teeth.

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