Flatbed trailers figure amongst the most widely used means of agricultural transport. Albeit apparently simpler than other machines, flatbed trailers can be used for an extremely broad range of applications making them reliable and long-lasting companions to farmers.

At this regard, Crosetto also applies its philosophy to this type of machines – namely, attention to details, quality at any cost and customization: all these elements are of the utmost importance for machines, whose application field in modern agriculture is extremely wide.

The wide available range includes models from 4 meters to 10 meters of length, thus being able to meet multiple transport needs. The needs for flexibility and adaptability are also covered by the remarkable customization level offered to customers: tipping or completely flat beds, hydraulic or manual ramps, automatic load securing systems or poles. This allows flatbed trailers produced by Crosetto to be used for a broad range of activities, from the transport of agricultural equipment (tractors, earth-moving machinery …) to hay bales.

By taking into consideration the features required by such heavy tasks, the machine is entirely designed according to standards of reliability and sturdiness: structures of HE profiles, embossed sheet metal floors, the use of specific industrial axles for speed up to 60 km/h, industrial turntables and industrial parabolic suspensions make these machines ideals companions to agricultural workers.


  • FE510 tubular frame
  • Industrial axles 60 km/h
  • Industrial parabolic suspensions
  • Heavy industrial turntables
  • Front blocking system
  • Heavy rear ramps

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