Dumpers belong to the category of agricultural trailers and represent an important alternative within the field of agricultural transport. The dumpers built by Crosetto, along with all the other machines, fully reflect the core values of the company. The aim is to provide customers with long-lasting and top-notch machines being able to become valuable companions of farmers for a long time.

Crosetto offers a wide range of vehicles with Italian or EU homologation, ranging from 1 to axles up to 40 tons. Dumper are produced by using special materials and are equipped with oversized tipping cylinders and specific suspensions, enabling them to withstand the heaviest stresses, typical of agricultural activities. Furthermore, some machines have been specifically designed for the demanding task of the earthmoving sector and have been designed to ensure the highest level of sturdiness and safety on any occasion (on the road, off-road, yards, caves …)

On the other hand, the broad list of options allows customers to fully customize the machine: many options are available, such as several types of bodies and tailgates to enhance load optimization and handle a wide range of products, alternative tipping systems and suspensions, the automatic greasing system for the axles, the hydraulic steering corrector, drawbars and towing eyes, several types of cover (Cramaro) for the loading bed as well as a broad choice of tyres.

All the aforesaid features make Crosetto dumpers ideal machines for the numerous challenges posed by modern agriculture, for they can be effectively and efficiently used for several tasks and boast high quality, robustness and reliability.


  • Heavy industrial axles
  • Oversized tipping cylinders
  • Remote control unit for the tipping system
  • Industrial parabolic suspensions
  • Hydraulic tailgate with bolted seal
  • Industrial pump with side distributor

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