The tipping trailer with turntable has always been the spearhead of the machine range. In fact, Crosetto has been the first Italian company to produce a 4-axle tipping trailer with EU homologation, a suited product for the toughest and most demanding tasks required by modern agriculture.

In compliance with the philosophy of the company, these machines are specifically designed to last and achieve a higher level of quality and performance. The mono-tube frames are designed to withstand the heaviest stresses and the oversized tipping cylinders in the body ensure the robustness and the reliability of these machines. Every feature of these machines aims at increasing quality, strength, and safety. On the other hand, the company does not forget the importance of safety (both on the road and off-road) by using industrial axles homologated up to 60 km/h and equipped with automatic steering system, along with industrial turntables, several types of suspension and air brakes.

Furthermore, the broad range of available options allows customers to choose the machine in accordance with their own needs by customizing the loading bed (different types of side extensions and iron / aluminum loading beds, depending on transport needs), the tipping system, the presence of a Cramaro cover, wheels and other options, such as the steering corrector and the stabilizer kit between the chassis and the loading bed, which further increase the performances of the machines and their safety of use.

Besides the aforesaid characteristics, the number of available models (from 2 to 4 axles, up to 40 tons with the possibility of changing the loading bed material: machines are available with EU or Italian homologation) offers a range of ideal transport solutions for modern agriculture, which requires strength, reliability and flexibility.


  • FE510 tubular frame
  • Increased chassis track width
  • Industrial parabolic suspensions
  • Industrial tubular axles
  • Industrial turntables
  • Oversized cylinders for the tipping system
  • Real hydraulic tailgate
  • Automatic brake corrector

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