The ditch digger, a reliable and sturdy machine, is designed for various water control tasks, such as the creation, maintenance and cleaning of ditches on the sides of a road or field.

We offer two different models of ditch diggers:

  • SIDE
    It works laterally off the tractor track
  • REAR
    It works from the rear and can have a fixed or mobile frame allowing to work in 3 positions: central or right and left side with a displacement of 60 cm from the axis of the machine.


  • Painted iron frame
  • Different rotor sizes, from the smallest measuring 30 cm to the largest measuring 120 cm
  • Side model arm length 180 cm min up to 250 cm max.
  • Adjustable depth by hydraulic lifting of the tractor
  • Carter for soil discharge management
  • Road transport facilitated by hydraulic movements

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