Single-disc, double-disc, full-field and localized

The wide range of products in the price list adapts to the most varied fertilization needs:

  • Single-disc models suitable for small to medium sized plots with loading capacities between 200 and 1200 liters
  • Double-disc models suitable for large plots with a loading capacity between 600 and 3000 liters, they allow to make localized distributions on rows (from 2 to 10 meters) or full field (from 12 to 36 meters)
  • The offer is completed by the spreader for underground fertilization, oscillating tube fertilizer spreaders, the trolleys to transform carried fertilizer spreaders into trailed ones, and the line of professional salt spreaders


  • The “VIBRO SYSTEM” feeding system without agitator is applied to the entire range of double-disc fertilizer spreaders. The system guarantees the homogeneous and constant flow of both GRANULAR, POWDERED or PELLETED organic fertilizers (BIO fertilization) without altering the properties of the product
  • All the components of the feeding, dosing and distribution system are entirely made of stainless steel, while the non-stainless steel parts are mechanically sandblasted and powder coated with two applications and related firing at 220 ° C
  • The distribution system are hydraulic or electronic (DPA), with or without electronic weighing systems, all of which can be connected to the most modern Isobus systems


Ideal for row crops

The machine is very well suited for crops arranged at an inter-row distance, because it distributes the same amount of product over the entire surface of the field according to the criteria of precision farming.

  • It nourishes the soil at the base of the plant without waste and without damaging it, even during the growing phase.
  • By closing one arm of the SPANDI, the distribution stops in that sector. This allows to continue working in the central part, and with the other arm to avoid obstacles in the field or to work fewer rows.
  • The microgranulators are driven by an electric engine which offers the possibility of varying the quantity of fertilizer distributed according to the forward speed.
  • The product is transported to the various outlets through a pneumatic system operated by the tractor’s power take-off.


  • Galvanized steel frame, with fertilizer spreader box entirely in stainless steel;
  • Capacity of the container from 1000/2000 lt
  • At 4-6-8-12 rows depending on the request
  • Can be used in front of the tractor

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