We produce a wide range of models of milling machines of different sizes to be applied to small, medium and large tractors, capable of working in all types of terrain, with high robustness and minimal maintenance.

These machines are equipped with a fixed three-point hitch, perfect for seedbed preparation in open fields, weed control, shredding crop residues, soil preparation in vegetable cultivation, etc.

We offer a wide range of manual and hydraulic side-shift milling machines for land tillage in viticulture, arboriculture and wherever it is necessary to work well beyond the tractor track.

We also produce models with automatic displacement,equipped with tractor-independent hydraulics and a lateral sensor allowing the automatic retraction of the milling machine when working between rows.


  • All our milling machines have a lateral gear transmission. In order to optimise their performance according to the type of soil to be cultivated and the power of the tractor to which they are attached, various types of hoes, accessories and attachments are available
  • All the components used in the construction are designed and manufactured in our factory

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